Thursday, March 29, 2007

Buy Risky Stock

Yea, it is easy to make money and easy to loss all, too.
I did this couple time and I didn’t run it then I was loss all my money.

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YK Investment said...

by risky stocks? I doubt GME is risky at all. In fact, fundamentally, GME just should us how great it was with that last report. Now is GME considered higher, I would think so too and I have no immediate target to the upside, but I can say that GME will not fall anytime soon. I bought 2000 shares at $27.75 and another 1000 shares at $31.15, with gains on both at over +$10,000 as of yesterday's close. This morning, GME is trading at $32.93 a +1% above yesterday's 32.60 close. if you want to check out my site. I'm not yahoo message board to talk everyday, but when every puts down a strong stock, I just have to point them out at the fact that they are wrong.